Aim & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the foundation, which is to commemorate the life and legacy of Babatunde Bashir-Bello, who believes in chasing and achieving one’s dreams through passion, hard-work and caring for others, is to be achieved by:

Our Projects

Showcasing Dreams

Follow your dreams • Dare to dream • Actualize your dream

DJ / School Competition

Essay Competition • Singing /music Competition • Drama • DJ contest


PEFTI Film Institute • Music Technology • Film & Television Production • Performing & Media Arts


Dj Babus Foundation

Dj Babus (Babatunde Bashir-Bello’s) approach to life was “why not?” Education is of immense value but in the modern day it goes beyond the scope of structured classroom/ academics. It is learning things that can help you achieve your dreams and become self-reliant. This Foundation’s legacy is the inspiration that we can provide. Baba stood for selling invisible commodity.