The Dj Babus (Babatunde Bashir-Bello) Foundation

Dj Babus (Babatunde Bashir-Bello’s) approach to life was “why not?” Education is of immense value but in the modern day it goes beyond the scope of structured classroom/ academics. It is learning things that can help you achieve your dreams and become self-reliant.

This Foundation’s legacy is the inspiration that we can provide. Baba stood for selling invisible commodity.


The following areas encapsulates the Foundation;

  • Inspiration:  
  • Vocation:     
  • Youth:         

We dare you to dream…

Trustees: 7 Members

  • Nadia Bashir-Bello
  • Nabahwaya Courten
  • Nabila Bashir-Bello
  • Rhoda Uwhubetine
  • Uzoma Onwuchekwa
  • Augustine Ahmed Uwhubetine
  • Toyin Fatona     

Vision:                                       –   

  • Pursuing your dreams
  • Enabling self-reliance
  • Supporting one another

Aims and Objectives:

The aims and objectives of the foundation, which is to commemorate the life and legacy of Babatunde Bashir-Bello, who believes in chasing and achieving one’s dreams through passion, hard-work and caring for others, is to be achieved by:

  1. Providing emotional and financial assistance to Nigerian vocational students, through professional training in the fields of music, film production, and the arts in recognized vocational educational and award organizations till they gain independence.
  2. Enabling, assisting, contributing to the set-up of a Care network (in the form of talks, motivational fora, financial assistance) that seeks to reflect Babatunde Bashir-Bello’s compassion and inviolable belief that human beings are all responsible for each other’s well-being.
  3. Encouraging others through Babatunde Bashir-Bello’s life and story.
  4. Promoting entrepreneurship and other empowering programmes.

1. Professional training for creatives skills in the industry through awards & Scholarships.
2. Mentorship programmes with industry professionals
3. Accelerator Program for the industry
4. Entertainment industry summit (annual exchange knowledge event bringing industry professionals and creatives to share experiences and best practices)
5. Fund raising for creative industry talents


Two main categories – Legacy & Passion

  1. Showcasing Dreams
  • Follow your dreams
  • Dare to dream
  • Actualize your dream

2. Dj Competition

3. Secondary School Competition (music, art etc.)                 


  • Essay Competition                                       
  • Singing /music Competition                        
  • Drama
  • DJ contest

4. Scholarship

PEFTI Film Institute    

  • Music Technology
  • Film & Television Production
  • Performing & Media Arts

Course Duration

  • 2years Ordinary National Diploma

     5. Award

African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) Award

  • Holds annually in November

We gave an award at the African International Film Festival (AFRIFF);

  • Category: Best Student Short Film (Film Title: Bride Untangled, Directed by Julie Ako)


Any NGO with interest in music/drama + Art, motive

  1. Individuals
  2. Corporate bodies
  3. Ford, Goethe etc.

Year: Tentative Calendar

22nd December, 2021          –         Announcement of PEFTI Competition for DJ Babus Foundation Award

29th December, 2021          –         Launching of DJ Babus Foundation

12th January, 2022               –         Selection of Winners For (PEFTI Competition) DJ Babus Foundation Award

16th/17th January, 2022         –         DJ Babus Foundation Award Ceremony(PEFTI Scholarship)

29th January 2022                –         E-memorial Triumphant

November:                        –         African International Film Festival Award

29th December, 2022          –         Birthday:       *His Legacy Lives on

                                                                      *DJ Babus Lives on